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Gdańsk is a historical, thousand-years-old Hanseatic hub being the capital of Eastern Pomerania, located in the Pomeranian voivodship, near the Bay of Gdańsk. Along with Gdynia and Sopot, it forms the Tri-City. Gdańsk enthrals with a magnificent, delightsome architecture and out-of-the-ordinary atmosphere. The city always evoked admiration and awe of the visitors due to its richness. This is why Gdańsk is often and gladly visited by tourists from the entire Europe: this is facilitated by convenient air, land and sea connections, even with the most remote corners of the globe.
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“Dom Harcerza” (Scout’s Hostel) is a facility the location of which just cannot be more attractive – in the heart of the very Old Town of Gdańsk. It consists of the “Bi-Pi” hostel and “Apartamenty Baszta” (Tower Suites) of high standard. This is a perfect accommodation for private tourists, families with children, school groups and business groups.
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Dom Harcerza is located at the very heart of Gdańsk. The facility has two conference rooms. Both conference rooms are equipped with the necessary equipment: multimedia projector, a flipchart, wireless Internet access.
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We have a mission, we have goals, are our guests are our value.

We are a network of modern accommodation facilities operating mainly in the territory of northern Poland. We direct our offer both to private and business guests. We are open to cooperate with travel agencies, educational institutions and all kinds of organisations and associations. We have conference rooms, banqueting halls and a screening room straight from the previous era at our disposal. We have recreational equipment of high quality, both on land and on water. We are systematically developing in order to achieve the highest possible standard of our services.

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where we are

Gdańsk A thousand years of history and a picturesque coastal setting make Gdańsk one of the most beautiful cities in Poland. Two characteristic structures: Neptune’s Fountain and the Crane, located in the heart of the old port, are the symbols distinguishable also in Europe. The city is located in the northern Poland, where the Motława river flows into Vistula, near the Bay of Gdańsk. It is a dynamic cultural, scientific and economic centre, an important hub of maritime economy. Gdańsk is a city of freedom where the idea of brotherhood and solidary Poland was born. The inimitable “genius loci” can be sensed among the tenements of the Young City, between shipyard cranes of the New Town, on sandy beaches and in post-industrial halls.

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Arguments speak for themselves


– the facility is located in the very heart of the Old Town of Gdańsk,

– the accommodation is located within a 1-minute walking distance from the Długa Street, near the Neptune’s Fountain, Golden Gate, Amber Museum and St Mary’s Basilica – flagship monuments of Gdańsk,

– about 20 accommodation places of various standard and at attractive prices in the Apartamenty Baszta suites,

– deluxe suites (30 m2) with a bathroom, a partial kitchen and a place for work – right after renovation,

– cheap accommodation in the Bi-Pi hostel in private 1-, 2-, 3-, 4-bed rooms with joint sanitary facilities.

– dormitories – shared rooms, with 5, 6 and 7 beds,

– two conference rooms in the heart of Gdańsk with the capacity for about 100 people,

– atmospheric screening room – one of the few still operating in Gdańsk,

– dining facilities in the hostel, serving cheap and delicious home-made dinners – option to order full board

– the hostel has a fully equipped kitchen to be used by our guests along with a large canteen and a spacious living room,

– option to rent bikes,

– 24-hour reception desk,

– free luggage storage service for the hostel guests, free tea and coffee,

– parking lot in the very heart of the Old Town of Gdańsk.

What else can we do for you?

Perfect place for families with children
Accommodation tailored to the needs of the whole family. We offer you multi-bed studio-type rooms – featuring a partial kitchen and all sorts of amenities that your family will need during your stay.
Adapted to organised groups
A plethora of accommodation places and shared rooms make Dom Harcerza a place fit for school trips and organised groups. In addition, the location in the heart of the Old Town allows you to avoid logistic problems, thanks to which the stay will become all the more pleasant.
Solutions for business
Dom Harcerza offers not only accommodation, but also conference rooms and a screening room, which are a perfect conference, training or presentation base.

additional attractions

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Gdańsk Pomerania at your fingertips
Gdańsk in and of itself is a tourist jewel both in Pomerania and the entire country. A well-developed public transport makes it a starting point not only for one-day tri-city trips, but also for more distant destinations, e.g. to the Hel Peninsula, the Vistula Spit, Kashubia or the town of Malbork.
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Catering in dining area “Jadłodajnia w Domu Harcerza”
Cosy interior and excellent cuisine of “Jadłodajnia w Domu Harcerza” has already won a large circle of delighted regulars, which increases as days go by. It serves affordable dinner dishes. Jadłodajnia also organises catering for groups as well.
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Cosy screening room
The screening room is equipped with the Dolby Surround sound system and has been designed to hold 175 people in climatic comfortable velour seats. This is an ideal place to organise shows, conferences or film reviews.

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